Pikmin™ 1 + 2 – Nintendo Switch (US Version) Review

In this article, we’ll delve into the delightful world of “Pikmin™ 1 + 2 – Nintendo Switch (US Version)” and explore why these charming classics are a must-have for your gaming collection. This game bundle allows us to play the first two Pikmin adventures on the Nintendo Switch, offering the chance to meet and guide lovable Pikmin through various challenges. We’ll explore the unique gameplay of growing and guiding Pikmin, the exciting dual adventures featuring characters Olimar and Louie, and the added experience brought by optional motion controls. Join us as we rediscover the whimsical and strategic gameplay that made Pikmin a beloved series. Have you ever wanted to dive back into the whimsical world of Pikmin, but in high definition and on a portable console? Well, we have fantastic news because “Pikmin™ 1 + 2 – Nintendo Switch (US Version)” is here! This collection allows us to experience the first two Pikmin games on the Nintendo Switch, bringing along the delightful, strategic gameplay that we loved from the original releases.

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Overview of Pikmin™ 1 + 2

These games are all about growing, guiding, and commanding our small but mighty Pikmin friends. Pikmin are plant-like creatures that come in various colors, each with unique abilities. We’ll be leading them through diverse and challenging environments to collect ship pieces, treasure, and solve puzzles.

Pikmin Game

In the original “Pikmin”, we play as Captain Olimar, who crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Our mission is to find and collect the scattered pieces of our spaceship to return home. We must command the Pikmin to help us in our exploration and rebuilding efforts.

Pikmin 2 Game

“Pikmin 2” introduces Louie, another space-faring adventurer. Unlike the first game, “Pikmin 2” focuses on treasure hunting rather than just ship repair. We can swap between Olimar and Louie, manage an expanded Pikmin lineup, and uncover more extensive treasures.

Key Features of Pikmin™ 1 + 2

These titles have been elegantly adapted for the Nintendo Switch, bringing along several key features that enhance the gaming experience. Let’s break them down:

Feature Pikmin 1 Pikmin 2 Details
Playable Characters Captain Olimar Captain Olimar, Louie In Pikmin 1, we lead Olimar, while in Pikmin 2, we can switch between Olimar and Louie.
Types of Pikmin Red, Yellow, Blue Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White Each type of Pikmin has unique abilities crucial for overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles in the environment.
Main Objective Collect ship parts Collect treasure Pikmin is focused on spaceship repair while Pikmin 2 shifts to a treasure-hunting adventure.
Optional Motion Controls Yes Yes Both games support optional motion controls, giving us alternative ways to grow and guide our Pikmin armies.
Multiplayer Mode No Yes Pikmin 2 adds a multiplayer mode where we can team up with or compete against friends in strategic Pikmin missions.
Enhanced Graphics Yes Yes Both titles have been visually upgraded for the Nintendo Switch, offering a crisper and more vibrant rendition of the beloved Pikmin universe.
Portability Yes Yes Playing on the Nintendo Switch means we can enjoy these classics on the go, whether in handheld mode or on the big screen with the docked mode.
New Pikmin Mechanics No Yes Pikmin 2 introduces new gameplay mechanics such as poison immunity in White Pikmin and the strength of Purple Pikmin for moving larger obstacles.

Pikmin™ 1 + 2 - Nintendo Switch (US Version)

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Gameplay Mechanics

Throughout our adventures, we’ll be learning various gameplay mechanics that make each title unique and richly engaging.

Pikmin Types and Their Roles

Learning how to use the different types of Pikmin effectively is crucial. Red Pikmin are strong fighters, Yellow Pikmin can be thrown higher and are adept with electricity, and Blue Pikmin can traverse water. Pikmin 2 adds Purple Pikmin, who are incredibly strong, and White Pikmin, who are fast and can detect hidden treasures.

Commands and Controls

The control scheme is straightforward, allowing us to quickly assign tasks to our Pikmin. We can direct Pikmin to attack foes, carry objects, and interact with the environment. The newly added motion controls add a new layer to the gameplay, letting us aim and throw Pikmin with more precision.

Pikmin™ 1 + 2 – Nintendo Switch (US Version) Review

Strategic Gameplay

Both games require strategic thinking and planning. We must manage our Pikmin troops carefully, ensuring we have the right types for the job while avoiding dangers like hostile creatures and environmental hazards. Balancing exploration and puzzle-solving with time management is key.

Visuals and Audio

The visual upgrade for the Nintendo Switch brings vibrant colors and intricate details to the environments and characters. The music, composed by Hajime Wakai, perfectly complements the on-screen action with delightful and whimsical tunes.

Upgraded Graphics

The Switch versions of these games feature improved textures and higher resolution visuals. The improved fidelity truly brings out the charm of the Pikmin world, making every flower, rock, and drop of water look stunningly fresh and full of life.

Immersive Soundtrack

The soundtracks are as delightful as ever, with catchy and atmospheric melodies enhancing the sense of wonder and adventure. Every rustle of leaves and chirp of Pikmin adds to the immersive experience.

Pikmin™ 1 + 2 - Nintendo Switch (US Version)

Multiplayer in Pikmin 2

Pikmin 2 introduces a fun multiplayer mode allowing us to team up or compete against friends. This addition brings a whole new dynamic to the game.

Cooperation Mode

In this mode, we work together to accomplish objectives, sharing resources and strategizing our moves. It’s a brilliant way to bond over the shared love of Pikmin, creating memorable cooperative experiences.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode lets us challenge our friends in strategic bouts, where we must outmaneuver and outsmart each other. It’s a thrilling and competitive way to enjoy the game.

Portability of the Switch

One of the major advantages of this bundle is the Nintendo Switch’s portability. We can enjoy Pikmin™ 1 + 2 on the couch, in bed, or even on the go.

Handheld Mode

Playing in handheld mode retains all the charm and strategic depth of the games, making it easy to pick up and play anytime, anywhere. The controls are intuitive, and the screen size is perfect for managing our Pikmin armies.

Docked Mode

When we dock our Switch to a TV, the games look even more breathtaking on a larger screen. It’s a great way to enjoy the improved visuals and share the adventure with friends and family.

Pikmin™ 1 + 2 - Nintendo Switch (US Version)

Optional Motion Controls

Both games allow us to use motion controls for a more tactile experience. This feature can add a fresh twist to our strategy and makes playing even more engaging.

How Motion Controls Work

By using the Joy-Con controllers, we can aim more precisely and control our Pikmin with natural movements. It’s a refreshing way to engage with the game, offering better precision and an immersive feel.

Traditional Controls

If we prefer a more classic gaming experience, we can easily switch to traditional controls. The flexibility in control options ensures that every player can find their preferred play style.

Challenges and Exploration

The Pikmin games are renowned for posing unique challenges that blend puzzle-solving with real-time strategy.

Environmental Hazards

Both worlds are filled with hazardous creatures and environmental challenges. From predatory beasts to toxic environments, we must strategize and use our Pikmin effectively to survive and thrive.

Time Management

Time management is a crucial element in both games. We have a limited number of in-game days to complete our objectives, requiring us to plan our moves and prioritize tasks efficiently.

Puzzle Solving

Puzzles are integrated seamlessly into the environment. Whether it’s finding the right path, maneuvering obstacles, or collecting necessary items, our problem-solving skills are always put to the test.


Revisiting the whimsical and strategic world of Pikmin with “Pikmin™ 1 + 2 – Nintendo Switch (US Version)” is a nostalgic and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The enhancements in visuals, added motion controls, and the portability of the Nintendo Switch make these classic games feel fresh and new. Whether we’re veterans of the series or newcomers, these timeless adventures offer something special for everyone. We highly recommend indulging in this delightful and strategic journey with our plantlike Pikmin pals.

Embrace the challenge and experience the magic of Pikmin on the go with the Nintendo Switch!

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