Pokemon Natures

Ready to embark on a journey into the captivating world of Pokémon Natures? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the fascinating concept of Pokémon Natures, where each Pokémon possesses a unique personality that affects its battle performance and overall growth. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a Pokémon enthusiast just starting out, understanding these natures will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience and help you form the ultimate team of diverse and powerful Pokémon companions. So, let’s get ready to discover the secrets behind these enigmatic Pokémon Natures!

Pokemon Natures

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What are Pokemon Natures?

Definition of Pokemon Natures

Pokemon Natures are a characteristic feature in the world of Pokemon that determines the temperament and personality traits of a Pokemon. They play a significant role in the training and development of a Pokemon, as they influence the growth and enhancement of various stats. Each Pokemon has a unique nature, and understanding these natures is essential for trainers to maximize the potential of their team.

Role of Natures in Pokemon Training

Natures have a profound impact on a Pokemon’s growth and abilities. They affect the way a Pokemon’s stats increase or decrease as it levels up. By strategically selecting and training Pokemon with compatible natures, trainers can shape their team to excel in specific areas. Natures can enhance a Pokemon’s strengths, compensate for weaknesses, or even offer a balance between different attributes. They are instrumental in creating a well-rounded and formidable team.

Importance of Understanding Natures

Understanding natures is crucial for trainers who wish to optimize their Pokemon’s potential. By having a clear knowledge of a Pokemon’s nature, trainers can make informed decisions regarding its training regimen and move set. Natures can make the difference between a moderately performing Pokemon and a high-level competitor. Therefore, mastering the intricacies of natures is a fundamental aspect of becoming a successful Pokemon trainer.

Different Types of Natures


Hardy nature is considered the most neutral nature, as it does not affect any stat growth positively or negatively. While it doesn’t provide any specific advantage, it also ensures that there are no detrimental effects on a Pokemon’s stats. Trainers often use Pokemon with a Hardy nature as a baseline for comparison when evaluating the influence of other natures.


Lonely nature boosts a Pokemon’s Attack stat while reducing its Defense stat. It is an ideal nature for Pokemon focused on physical attacks, allowing them to pack a harder punch while sacrificing some defensive capabilities.


Brave nature increases a Pokemon’s Attack stat at the expense of its Speed stat. It is useful for slow and heavy-hitting Pokemon, as the lowered Speed is compensated by dealing significant damage in battles.


Adamant nature boosts a Pokemon’s Attack stat while decreasing its Special Attack stat. It is especially beneficial for physical attackers, making their physical moves even more powerful.


Naughty nature increases a Pokemon’s Attack stat while lowering its Special Defense stat. This nature is suitable for aggressive Pokemon that rely on physical moves and don’t require a strong defense against special attacks.


Bold nature increases a Pokemon’s Defense stat and decreases its Attack stat. It is ideal for defensive Pokemon that can absorb enemy attacks while enduring longer battles.


Docile nature is another neutral nature that doesn’t affect any stat. While it provides no specific boosts or reductions, it also ensures that there are no negative impacts on a Pokemon’s growth.


Relaxed nature enhances a Pokemon’s Defense stat while reducing its Speed stat. It is commonly chosen for tank-like Pokemon that can withstand multiple hits and function effectively in battles.


Impish nature increases a Pokemon’s Defense stat while decreasing its Special Attack stat. It is a favorable nature for physically defensive Pokemon that rely on their physical defense rather than special attacks.


Lax nature boosts a Pokemon’s Defense stat while decreasing its Special Defense stat. It is useful for Pokemon that excel in physical defense but have less need for special defense.

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Stats Affected by Natures

HP (Hit Points)

Natures have no impact on a Pokemon’s Hit Points stat. HP determines the amount of damage a Pokemon can withstand before fainting. It is not influenced by natures and remains constant throughout a Pokemon’s growth.


Attack is one of the core stats affected by natures. Natures can either boost or reduce the growth of a Pokemon’s Attack stat, determining the strength of its physical attacks.


Defense represents a Pokemon’s ability to resist physical attacks. Natures can either enhance or decrease a Pokemon’s Defense stat, affecting its durability against physical moves.

Special Attack

Special Attack relates to a Pokemon’s proficiency in using special moves that deal damage. Natures can either augment or reduce a Pokemon’s Special Attack stat, determining the power of its special moves.

Special Defense

Special Defense determines a Pokemon’s resistance to special moves. Natures can influence a Pokemon’s Special Defense stat, either improving or diminishing its ability to withstand special attacks.


Speed determines the order in which Pokemon take their turns in battles. Natures can enhance or hinder a Pokemon’s Speed stat, affecting its agility and quickness.

Positive and Negative Natures

Beneficial Natures for Different Roles

Different natures work synergistically with certain roles and playstyles. For physical attackers, natures like Adamant and Brave can amplify their Attack stat, making them formidable powerhouses. Special attackers can benefit from natures such as Modest and Timid, which enhance their Special Attack or Speed stats. Defensive Pokemon can utilize natures like Bold, Calm, or Relaxed to boost their defense-oriented stats.

Detrimental Natures for Different Roles

While some natures may enhance specific stats, they often come at the cost of reducing other essential attributes. Physical attackers may suffer from natures like Modest or Timid, which hinder their Attack stat. Defensive Pokemon can be weakened by natures such as Naive or Rash, which lower their defensive capabilities. It is crucial to choose natures that align with a Pokemon’s intended role to avoid detrimental consequences.

Pokemon Natures

Breeding for Desired Natures

Natures Parent Mechanics

Breeding allows trainers to influence a Pokemon’s nature by utilizing the parent Pokemon’s natures. When breeding, there is a chance for the offspring to inherit the nature of either its mother or father. By strategically selecting compatible parents with desired natures, trainers can increase the chances of obtaining offspring with the desired nature.

Everstone and Inheritance

To further increase the chances of passing down a specific nature, trainers can equip one of the parent Pokemon with an Everstone. The Everstone ensures that the parent carrying it will pass down its nature to the offspring, facilitating the breeding process and saving time and effort.

Masuda Method for Shinies

In addition to inheriting natures, breeding can also enhance the chances of obtaining Shiny Pokemon. The Masuda Method involves breeding two Pokemon from different language games, increasing the likelihood of hatching a Shiny Pokemon. By combining breeding for natures and the Masuda Method, trainers can obtain powerful and rare Pokemon for their teams.

Influencing Nature Change

Nature Mints

In previous generations, natures were permanent and could not be changed. However, with the introduction of Nature Mints, trainers now have the ability to alter a Pokemon’s nature. Nature Mints can be purchased or obtained through various means, providing trainers with the flexibility to change a Pokemon’s nature according to their evolving strategies and team needs.

Synchronize Ability

A Pokemon with the Synchronize ability also has the potential to influence the nature of wild Pokemon it encounters. If a Pokemon with Synchronize leads the party, there is a higher chance that the encountered wild Pokemon will have the same nature as the Synchronize Pokemon. This ability aids trainers in obtaining wild Pokemon with desired natures.

Ability Capsules

While Ability Capsules do not directly influence a Pokemon’s nature, they offer trainers the ability to change a Pokemon’s ability. This can be useful when aiming to create a specific synergy between a Pokemon’s ability and its nature, maximizing its effectiveness in battles.

Pokemon Natures

Nature Role in Competitive Battling

Building a Well-Balanced Team

In competitive battling, a well-balanced team is essential for success. Natures play a crucial role in creating a team that can handle a variety of opponents. Trainers can select Pokemon with complementary natures to cover each other’s weaknesses and enhance their strengths. By considering the natures of each team member, trainers can achieve a harmonious balance that optimizes their chances of victory.

Synergizing Natures for Optimal Effectiveness

Synergizing natures across a team is crucial to maximize their overall effectiveness. By combining different natures that suit each Pokemon’s role, trainers can create a team that operates at its fullest potential. This coordination allows for strategic movesets and effective battles against various opponents.

Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses

Natures also play a vital role in understanding a team’s strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing the natures of both the player’s Pokemon and the opponent’s Pokemon, trainers can determine which battles may pose a challenge and which battles may be advantageous. This knowledge allows trainers to create effective strategies and make informed decisions during battles.

Nature Guide for Different Pokemon Types

Physical Attackers

Physical attackers rely on their strength to deal damage. Natures such as Adamant, Brave, or Jolly are ideal for physical attackers, as they boost Attack or Speed without compromising crucial stats.

Special Attackers

Special attackers utilize their Special Attack stat to unleash powerful special moves. Natures like Modest, Timid, or Quiet are suitable for special attackers, enhancing their Special Attack or Speed while minimizing reductions in other stats.

Mixed Attackers

Mixed attackers excel in both physical and special moves. Natures like Naive, Hasty, or Mild can benefit mixed attackers, allowing them to have decent stats in both Attack and Special Attack while sacrificing defensive abilities.

Tanks and Wall

Tanks and walls focus on endurance and defense. Natures such as Bold, Calm, or Impish are recommended for tanks and walls, as they increase defensive stats while minimizing potential weaknesses.

Pokemon Natures

Nature Communication in Trading

Using Natures to Showcase Pokemon Strengths

Trainers often use natures to showcase the strengths of the Pokemon they are offering for trade. By highlighting a Pokemon’s beneficial nature, trainers can attract potential trading partners who are seeking specific natures for their team.

Negotiating Trades Based on Natures

Natures can also influence the negotiations in trading. Trainers may seek specific natures to complete their teams or create breeding chains. By understanding the value and rarity of certain natures, trainers can negotiate trades that are mutually beneficial and align with their strategic goals.

Common Misconceptions about Natures

Natures are Random

Contrary to some misconceptions, natures are not entirely random. Each Pokemon has a predetermined nature that influences its stats throughout its growth. However, the specific nature of a wild Pokemon encountered is random, unless influenced by the Synchronize ability or breeding mechanics.

Natures Cannot be Changed

While natures were initially permanent, the introduction of Nature Mints allows trainers to change a Pokemon’s nature. This added flexibility provides trainers with the opportunity to optimize their team strategies and adapt to evolving battle scenarios.

In conclusion, Pokemon Natures play a vital role in the training, breeding, and competitive battling of Pokemon. By understanding the different types of natures, their effects on stats, and their role in team-building, trainers can maximize their Pokemon’s potential and create a formidable team. Whether it involves strategizing breeding methods, utilizing nature-changing items, or optimizing each Pokemon’s role, the knowledge and utilization of natures are key to becoming a successful Pokemon trainer. So, embrace the power of natures and lead your team to victory!

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